Keep customers happy.

Mixmax is the perfect email platform for Customer Success teams, designed to facilitate seamless and efficient interaction both with customers and within the team.

  • Share emails with anyone, anywhere — no forwarding
  • Schedule calls and check-ins with one click
  • Share email templates within the team
  • Get customer feedback instantly with polls and surveys
  • Prioritize support tasks and keep your inbox clean
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A Chrome extension for Gmail and Google Inbox

Share Emails Instantly

With the email share button, you can make any email thread accessible with a link that you can paste into other services. It’s easy to share customer success inquiries and updates within chats and task management tools, without clogging your team’s inboxes.

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One-Click Scheduling

Improve the customer experience with instant scheduling, right in your emails. With one click, choose and display available times directly from your calendar. Your customer clicks and confirms the meeting instantly. We take care of the rest.

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Shared Email Templates

Share email templates within your team to boost productivity and ensure a consistent brand experience for your customer. Create canned responses for common support issues.

Learn more about email templates.

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Polls & Surveys

With one click, insert polls and surveys to make it easy to get quick, direct, and structured replies from your customers. No need for your customers to write a reply — they click a button, and their feedback is sent directly to you.

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Email Snooze

Mixmax Snooze manages the flood of emails in your inbox by letting you temporarily remove an email conversation from your inbox and bring it back when you want. This keeps your inbox clean, so you can prioritize and schedule your support tasks.

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More reasons to love Mixmax

Web Previews

Get your point across with visual previews of links from Twitter, Google Maps, YouTube, and more.


Send a poll inside your email. Your recipients vote without leaving their emails. We’ll show you results in a beautiful dashboard.


Need specific and focused answers? Add a survey inside your message. Your recipients answer directly. No plug-ins needed.

Dropbox, Box, Google Drive Integration

Attach files and documents not only from Google Drive, but also your favorite services including Dropbox or Box.

Undo Send

Prevent email from sending even if you hit send. Recall an email and refine your messaging.

Giphy Integration

Express yourself with animated gifs. Search for your favorites to insert them into your messages.

Code Snippets

Write perfect, readable code snippets in Gmail. We’ll format and syntax highlight your code.

Multiple Signatures

Personalize your emails with unique signatures for all of your email addresses.

Custom Branding

Look more professional with your company logo and name on all embedded content including polls, surveys, web previews, and invitations.

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