Mixmax ❤️ Salesforce.

Mixmax seamlessly integrates Salesforce in your Inbox.

  • Sync outgoing email to Salesforce, for individual messages and campaigns
  • Log your recipients’ opens, clicks, downloads, and replies
  • See, edit, and create records directly in Gmail
  • Send superpowered emails without leaving Salesforce
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A Chrome extension for Gmail and Google Inbox

Get credit for each email you send

  • Your outgoing emails are logged in the activity history of contacts, leads, and opportunities.
  • No match for an address in Salesforce? A task is created so you can create the record later.
  • Automatically exclude particular email domains and addresses from being logged, so Salesforce stays clean (and your private conversations stay private).
  • No Salesforce API? No problem. Keep everything in sync using auto-bcc.

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Log opens, clicks, downloads and replies

  • Your recipients’ opens, clicks, downloads and replies are logged in their activity history via the Salesforce API.
  • Decide which kinds of activities you want to send to Salesforce. See everything in your Live Feed.
  • Log inbound emails too — just click “Log to Salesforce”. Yes, it’s that easy.

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See your Salesforce records in Gmail

  • Salesforce sidebar shows exactly who you’re communicating with. Hover over an email address to see their Salesforce record.
  • Create new records for inbound leads — without leaving Gmail.
  • Your organization’s required custom fields automatically appear, no need to call your dev team for setup.
  • Bi-directional sync. Changes made in the sidebar are instantly synced to Salesforce — and vice versa.

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Send superpowered emails without leaving Salesforce

  • Click an email address in Salesforce to launch a Mixmax-powered message window.
  • Launch Sequences directly from Salesforce by bringing up a Mixmax message window in Salesforce.
  • All emails send from your Gmail account, for improved deliverability.

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More reasons to love Mixmax

Web Previews

Get your point across with visual previews of links from Twitter, Google Maps, YouTube, and more.


Send a poll inside your email. Your recipients vote without leaving their emails. We’ll show you results in a beautiful dashboard.


Need specific and focused answers? Add a survey inside your message. Your recipients answer directly. No plug-ins needed.

Dropbox, Box, Google Drive Integration

Attach files and documents not only from Google Drive, but also your favorite services including Dropbox or Box.

Undo Send

Prevent email from sending even if you hit send. Recall an email and refine your messaging.

Giphy Integration

Express yourself with animated gifs. Search for your favorites to insert them into your messages.

Code Snippets

Write perfect, readable code snippets in Gmail. We’ll format and syntax highlight your code.

Multiple Signatures

Personalize your emails with unique signatures for all of your email addresses.

Custom Branding

Look more professional with your company logo and name on all embedded content including polls, surveys, web previews, and invitations.

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